Our therapy services are optional and parents may opt for these services to be integrated into their child's schedule, at an additional minimal cost. We collaborate with specialists from external therapy centers who will liaise with teachers to incorporate or generalise skills learned within the classroom settings.

Speech Therapy

The ability to communicate is essential in every aspect of life and can affect a child's success in the classroom. Our Speech Therapists will assess, diagnose and provide therapy for students whose speech-language impairment directly impacts educational performance. They will collaborate with teachers and families, and in order to support student communication skills in the classroom.

Occupational Therapy

Children may experience various challenges in their development, which when fully understood, can be addressed therapeutically. Our Occupational Therapists will assess your child’s postural ability, fine/gross motor skills, sensory processing and functional mobility and will then work with your child to help enhance skills necessary for participation and independence in the school/home environment.