Student-teacher Ratio

With a low student to teacher ratio of approximately 3:1, each child gets the individualized support needed. Teachers are able to provide personalized attention and get to know each child intimately with his/her own personality, strengths and abilities. As each and every child is given ample opportunities to participate, we know that every child is seen and listened to.


Learning Centers

The school will be set up to include learning centers such as blocks, library, art and manipulative centers that enable the teachers to implement the play-based and child-centered Creative Curriculum®. The centers enable each child to drive his/her own learning by exploring the activity while guided by the teaching staff.


School Hours 

Full-day school programme: 9am - 2pm or

Half-day school programme: 9am 12pm or 2pm-5pm

* Extra curricular activities: Parents have the option of enrolling their kids in these exciting classes that would commence after-school hours.

Aged Groups

Children are placed in classes according to their chronological age level. 

Nursery 1 -   Year child turns 3

Nursery 2 -  Year child turns 4

Kindergarten 1 - Year child turns 5

Kindergarten 2 - Year child turns 6